SMT introduces NFL’s Next Gen Stats on video boards at U.S. Bank Stadium, home of Minnesota Vikings and Super Bowl LII

Durham, N.C., Sept. 15, 2017 –SMT (SportsMEDIA Technology), the leading innovator in real-time data delivery and graphics solutions for the sports and entertainment industries, today announced it is providing in-stadium solutions, including the NFL’s Next Gen Stats, for NFL games at U.S. Bank Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Vikings and the site of Super Bowl LII.  

SMT is providing a new version of the NFL’s Next Gen Stats data feed unique to NFL stadiums, offering fans real-time content not available on broadcasts. SMT’s in-stadium production combines in-game stats integrated into SMT-designed graphics packages that are displayed on the stadium’s two massive video boards, as well as 2,000 in-concourse HD video displays. This is the second season SMT has provided its 1st & Ten system for the video boards, including the yellow first-down line, the line of scrimmage and the down-and-distance arrow.

Twice as big as its predecessor the MetroDome, U.S. Bank Stadium boasts 31,000 square feet of video boards, including the west end zone display at 120- by-68 feet high (one of the top 10 largest in the league), and the east end zone display at 88- by 51-feet high. The boards are placed low in the bowl, so fans can easily watch highlights and replays with Next Gen Stats’ team and player data.

The in-stadium production is the first of its kind that integrates Next Gen Stats and the 1st & Ten system on in-stadium video boards. The production is made possible by SMT’s Dual-Channel SportsCG, a turnkey clock-and-score graphics publishing system that requires just a single operator. The on-site operator can use a combination of valuable real-time data to display player and team analysis, ranging from positional information (Who’s on the field?) to game leaders (Who’s the fastest on the field today?  Who’s had the longest plays today?) and quarterback passing grids (How has this QB fared in these zones today?).

“As an organization, the Minnesota Vikings constantly look for innovative strategies that provide the best fan experience possible, and SMT’s in-stadium solution is the perfect complement to our new video boards,” said Allen Wertheimer, Senior Manager of Production for the Minnesota Vikings. “For years, we’ve heard from fans that they want the same innovative technology in-stadium that they get at home. Now, with SMT’s Next Gen Stats and virtual 1st and Ten system on the video boards, we can offer them in-game stats they wouldn’t get watching from home.”

“With SMT’s Dual-Channel SportsCG combined with the new version of the NFL’s Next-Gen Stats data feed – a feed packaged specifically for NFL teams’ in-stadium production needs – operators have the freedom to produce the shows that give fans a unique “wow” factor they can’t get when watching on their 60-inch flat screens,” said Ben Mark, SMT’s Product Manager. “Our video board production provides the ultimate Game Day experience for fans, who will happily return to stadiums for the thrill of the live game combined with in-game analysis from Next Gen Stats along with the yellow first down line they’ve come to depend on.”

SMT has provided its Emmy-winning virtual yellow 1st and Ten line system services for Monday Night Football since 1999, first with ABC until 2005, then with ESPN beginning in 2006.

About SMT

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