2014 Reebok CrossFit Games Show Opener Created by (n+1) designstudio Debuts on ESPN

DURHAM, N.C., July 25, 2014 – (n+1) designstudio, a division of SMT/IDS, continues to expand its partnership with CrossFit by providing broadcast solutions unique to the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.

The Games, which began Tuesday with the three-day Masters competition, will conclude with the main competition today through Sunday in Carson, Calif. ESPN will air the Games tonight and Saturday night, and the finals will be aired on ESPN2 on Sunday. The Games will be streamed daily on ESPN3.

(n+1) designstudio has been CrossFit’s official design firm since 2012, expanding its services this year to include the full brand package for the 2014 Games.

“For 2014, one of our major goals was to have an animated show opening that matched the standard set by the objective of the CrossFit Games – to find the fittest people on Earth,” said Joe Novello, coordinating producer for the CrossFit Games. “Using universal imagery that simultaneously applies to the core CrossFIt community as well as the newly interested, the team at (n+1) designstudio created a bold, explosive and definite illustration of the journey these amazing athletes make to reach the pinnacle of their sport. In short, they dead-on nailed it.”

To watch the open, go to vimeo.com/nplus1design/2014crossfitshowopen.

In addition to the show open, (n+1) designstudio extended its offerings with the design and animation of the full brand package, including show tease, replay effects, theme interstitials, new transition elements, athlete interstitials, full-screen background elements, new broadcast elements and revised CrossFit Shield.

Since 2011, SMT/IDS has supported CrossFit, delivering the first scoring services to the CrossFit Games and adding timing services in 2013.

In April, SMT introduced its GOTO Board® touchscreen for the CrossFit Regionals webcasts. The GOTO, operated by CrossFit’s webcast hosts, is powered by SMT’s graphics publishing system, Data Matrix Switchboard® (DMX), which absorbes and organizes statistics and displays such information as:

Comparisons of age, weight, height and records of participating athletes

Historic and live competition statistics, including current leaders

Data enhancing competition highlights

Limitless statistics by categories, such as records for individual sports competitions

Social media updates during the webcast, including fan comments, pictures, trending topics and instant polling that can come from any social channel, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

SMT/IDS services for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games include enhanced scoring services, central clock controller, closed-circuit TV feed, a 3' x 90' LED ribbon board built on the CrossFit tennis stadium floor, and a 3’ x 270' LED display on the north end of the CrossFit soccer field, both of which will show real-time scoring, lane assignments and sponsor logos.

“Our partnership with CrossFit and the CrossFit Games allows SMT/IDS to showcase our complete suite of products and services, from our comprehensive broadcast package, to in-stadium video boards and data integration, timing and scoring systems and our GOTO Board for the studio,” said Jessica Schacht, senior business development manager for SMT/IDS. “With our 23-person team on-site at the CrossFit Games, we also ensure a smooth production flow as we bring viewers closer to the stories behind these incredible athletes.”

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