SMT Delivers Emmy-Winning Technology for Super Bowl LVI

SMT continues its long tradition of providing innovative technology for the Super Bowl, from our iconic, Emmy-winning 1st and Ten Line® and scoring system to groundbreaking camera enhancements that put fans smack in the middle of the action of the world’s most-watched sporting event.

When Super Bowl LVI airs on Sunday, Feb. 13, SMT’s signature technology will deliver content-rich graphics, in-depth stats and comprehensive virtual graphics presentations to the 100 million fans who have come to expect the elevated viewing experience that they rely on SMT to provide.

The Super Bowl’s augmented reality show open will utilize SMT’s real-time Camera Tracker software, heightening the resolution to allow graphics to be seamlessly integrated onto the field of play.

A comprehensive list of SMT products and services for Super Bowl LVI include:

1. Electronic game and play clock integration via SMT Eyebar

2. Real, time in-game statistics and talent information displays via SMT QBStat®

3. SMT Emmy-winning virtual 1st & Ten Line® system

a. 1st down line

b. Line of scrimmage

c. Virtual play clock

d. Down and distance graphic

e. Virtual player comparisons, Red Zone, kick distance and field goal extension graphics

4. Virtual graphic enhancements available on nine (9) NBC game cameras

5. Two (2) SkyCams (low and high) enabled with SMT’s Camera Tracker technology, which will also be

used for the virtual open

6. SMT’s SMART Zoom Telestration System

7. A 10-person on-site graphics and technical operations team

8. Technical and graphics support via SMT’s Remote Production Studio in Durham, N.C.

9. Data and graphics services package for the NFL’s production of the Super Bowl world feed.

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