SMT offers hefty on-air virtual graphics footprint at Super Bowl

By SVG Staff

When Super Bowl LV airs on Sunday, Feb. 7, SMT’s signature technology will take center stage to satisfy millions of fans’ demand for content-rich graphics, in-depth stats, and comprehensive virtual graphics presentations that elevate the viewing experience of the world’s most-watched sporting event.

SMT continues its long tradition of introducing innovative technology at the Super Bowl by introducing new camera enhancements that give viewers unique, never-before-seen angles that put them right in the middle of the action.

For Super Bowl LV, SMT is providing its Emmy-winning 1st and Ten Line virtual technology on nine cameras, including the All-22 camera and two Skycams, as well as providing its clock-and-score system.

The Super Bowl’s augmented reality show open will utilize SMT’s real-time Camera Tracker software, heightening the resolution to allow graphics to be seamlessly integrated onto the field of play.

A comprehensive list of SMT products and services for Super Bowl LV include:

In addition, SMT will provide a data and graphics services package for the NFL’s production of the Super Bowl world feed.

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