In NBC Sports’ NHL All-Star Game Production, Display  Graphics by SMT Fill Screens with Player/Puck Tracking Data

SMT To Partner with PFL to DevelopProprietary Technology to Measure Real-Time Fighter Performance Data and Analytics,Biometric Tracking Along with Innovative Graphic Enhancements for the League’s LiveLinear and Digital Events.


WASHINGTON DC (December 17,2018) The Professional Fighters League (PFL)and SMT (SportsMEDIA Technology) – theleading innovator in real-time data delivery and graphics solutions for thesports and entertainment industries – today announced an exclusive, long-termtechnology partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, SMT will partnerwith the PFL to create proprietary technology that will measure real-timeMMA fighter performance analytics along with biometric and positional data thatwill provide fans a game-changing live event experience across all platforms.

Starting in 2019, SMT will help power the PFL’s vision of thefirst-ever SmartCage™. The SmartCage™ will utilize biometricsensors and proprietary technology that will enable the PFL to measure anddeliver real-time fighter performance data and analytics, what the PFL isdubbing: Cagenomics™. PFL fans watching linear and digital broadcasts ofthe league’s Regular Season, Playoff and Championship events will experience anew dimension of MMA fight action with integration of live athlete performanceand tracking measurements including: speed (mph) of punches andkicks, power ratings, heart rate tracking, energy exerted and more.

“The Professional Fighters League is excited to be partnering withSMT to advance the sport of MMA.  The PFL's new SmartCage™ willrevolutionize the way MMA fans experience watching live fights as next yearevery PFL fight will deliver unprecedented, real-time fighter performance dataand analytics, biometric tracking and an enhanced visual presentation ofthis great sport,” said Peter Murray, CEO, Professional Fighters League. “Notonly will PFL fans benefit from our SmartCage™ innovation, but our pro fighterswill now have access to new performance measurement data, analysis and tools tohelp them train and compete.   The PFL’s vision has always been two-fold:deliver the absolute best experience to fans and be a fighters-firstorganization and with the SmartCage™ we will accomplish both.”

“SMTis thrilled to be collaborating with the Professional FightersLeague’s forward-thinking innovation team to bring our latest and greatesttechnology to PFL events,” said Gerard J. Hall, Founder & CEO, SMT.“Starting in 2019, PFL fans will begin to see real-time, live, innovativetechnology that is unique to the PFL in the MMA space.  SMT’s OASISPlatform will provide the PFL with a seamlessly integrated system that combineslive scoring with real-time biometric and positional data to enhancethe analysis, storytelling and graphic presentation of the PFL’sRegular Season, Playoffs and Championship events next season.”

The PFL 2018Championship takes place on New Year’s Eve live from The Hulu Theaterat Madison Square Garden and consists of the 6 world title fights in 6weight classes of the PFL 2018 Season.   Winnersof each title bout will be crowned PFL World Champion of their respectiveweight class and earn $1M.  The PFL Championship can be viewed live onMonday, December 31 on NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) from 7 to 11pm ET in the U.S.and on Facebook Watch in the rest of the world.


Professional Fighters League

TheProfessional Fighters League (PFL) presents MMA for the first time inthe sport format where individual fighters compete in a regular season,playoffs, and championship.  PFL Season has 72 Elite MMAathletes across 6 weight-classes, with each fighting twice in the PFLRegular Season in June, July, and August. The top 8 fighters in each weight-class advance to thesingle-elimination PFL Playoffs in October.  The PFL Championship isNew Year’s Eve in Madison Square Gardens with the finals in each of sixweight classes competing for the $10 million prize pool.  The PFL is broadcast live on NBC SportsNetwork (NBCSN) and streamed live worldwide on Facebook Watch. Founded in 2017, the PFL is backed by group of sports, media,and business titans.  For more info visit    


SMT (SportsMEDIA Technology) is the leading innovator inreal-time data delivery and graphics solutions for the sports and entertainmentindustries, providing clients with scoring, statistics, virtual insertion andmessaging for broadcasts and live events.  For the past 30 years, SMT’ssolutions have been used at the world’s most prestigious live sports events,including the Super Bowl, Indy 500, Triple Crown, major golf and tennis events,MLB’s World Series, Tour de France, and the Olympics. SMT’s clients includesports governing bodies; major, regional and specialty broadcast networks;event operators; sponsors; and teams. The 32-time Emmy Award-winning company isheadquartered in Durham, N.C., with divisions in Jacksonville, Fla., Fremont,Calif., and London, England.

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