Who we are

We are the pioneers in sports technology, having re-imagined the fan experience 30 years ago. Since then, we’ve revolutionized how sports fans watch their favorite events, whether in the stands or on TV. Through innovative real-time and wireless data and display systems, SMT’s impact is evident in every major international sport on the world’s stage, from football and soccer to cricket and curling.

Our Beginnings

It all started with a challenge, a visionary graduate student and his bold ideas. The year was 1991 and the PGA TOUR’s method of scorekeeping was standard walkie-talkies. What if, thought Gerard J. Hall, I could create a wireless scoring system? Game on.

Next up: The first electronic scoreboard for tennis. SMT pioneered the first on-screen score bugs and
race crawls. And the official scoring systems
for every event of the X Games.

Along the Way

SMT has grown to become the premier technology provider for pinnacle world-renowned events, including the tennis Grand Slams, golf majors, the Olympics, NHL, NBA, the New York City Marathon and CrossFit Games. SMT designed and developed the official scoring, statistics, and onsite live presentation systems for the NBA, the NHL, the PGA TOUR, NASCAR, the CrossFit Games, all four golf majors, and the four tennis slams.


Since 2012, SMT has made two strategic acquisitions that have accelerated innovation, enhanced client services, and expanded our product portfolio. With the acquisition of Jacksonville, Fla.-based Information and Display Systems (IDS) in 2012, SMT doubled its size and instantly became the premier turnkey provider for both in-venue as well as broadcast sports technology. In 2016, SMT acquired Chicago-based Sportvision, joining two of the biggest names in video enhancement and virtual insertion graphics for live sports. With the three companies combined, SMT services hundreds of major U.S and international sports events, as well as major sports broadcasters, teams and organizing bodies, resulting in a sports technology powerhouse unequaled in the industry.

What the Future Holds

SMT continues to blaze the trail in sports technology with innovative biometrics and player and object tracking, mobile apps, analytics, video production services, wireless information systems, and on-site services. SMT’s products have become a regular part of the viewing experience for fans and an invaluable asset for clients.


What the Future Holds

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Who is taking us there?

"During the past 30+ years, SMT has worked within a broad set of sports productions, and has integrated technology into a large variety of environments – including the remote production truck, the broadcast studio, and the event venue.  Given this vast experience, SMT’s edge is that we are not only capable of providing robust technology solutions, but we also serve the role of seasoned production and integration partner to the customer. "

– John Dengler, VP, Software Technology

"We have supported thousands upon thousands of productions, from local high school basketball games to the Super Bowl, for hundreds of clients, from Georgia Public Television to NBC, CBS, Fox, and ESPN, and for every single production we always do all we can to help our clients produce the best show they possibly can. We are satisfied with nothing less."

– Hans Weber, VP, Research & Development

"Once we start to work with a client, they become a priority year-to-year, event-to-event. We strive to understand a client’s needs, goals and objectives, even as they change. With that knowledge, we continually improve our existing services while introducing new innovative technology and concepts as trends in the marketplace and a client’s objectives evolve."

– Kathryn Hulst, Business Development Manager

"SMT has had to adapt to the ever-changing sports broadcast landscape, and the continued success of our products and services is a true testament to how well we have managed the shifting environment. We have worked with clients to develop studio-based solutions for clock and score, virtual, racing, and other product lines, so that we can stay relevant in the industry all while helping ease client demands and budgets."

– Nick Rider, Coordinating Producer, Motorsports

"We pride ourselves on being problem-solvers. We imagine what is possible, and provide unique perspectives to deliver creative and innovative solutions not obvious to others. At SMT, we are the aspirin for our clients' headaches."

– Patricia G. Hopkins, VP, Marketing

"SMT is performing on the biggest stages in televised sports.  Look at any major sport in the United States and, in some way, SMT is associated with it. Football? SMT has a huge presence with the NFL. Basketball? SMT is involved with the NBA as well as the NCAA. Baseball? Almost every MLB broadcast has an SMT product associated with it. Motorsports?  We’re involved in every NASCAR race, for example. There are not many companies that can rival our clientele, and that is a tremendous source of pride for the company."

– Lee Brinson, Director, Special Events

"Hands down, my proudest moment as an SMT employee was when I received my first Emmy for Outstanding Technical Team Remote for MLB on FOX, for which we provided virtual ads.  I came in as our virtual ads operations engineer, and VA has been my baby since 2004, and so to win for that meant the world to me.  My second proudest moment?  Every time I step into the office or onto a TV compound, when I'm reminded how lucky I am and that I have a responsibility to America's sports fans to do my best to provide compelling, quality effects, and to change the game."

– Andrew Lorenz, Director, Broadcast Production & Operations

"When working with a client, SMT’s philosophy is to cultivate a relationship where trust can grow. To build trust, we are willing to invest our time, commitment, communication, concern and authenticity.  Simple principles such as, ‘listening is the key to understanding’ or ‘communication is the key to leadership’ allow our client relationships to develop and mature over time."

– Taelor Sanders, Account Manager

"As a business development manager, my passion and driving force is to ensure full satisfaction for the event and fan base, and to add value and excitement to the spectator experience. We're able to do this by utilizing our existing technology but also by developing innovative, cutting-edge products and services to help clients better meet their goals, generate new revenue and increase sponsorship opportunities."

– Jenn Leffew, Business Development Manager

"We don’t just give our clients a 1st & Ten line or a scoring graphic, we give them the graphic that tells the story without being distracting. We don’t just put graphics on air, we look to enhance a broadcast. We know our part of that production will show again and again for the next 30 years, so we get it right."

– Ben Hayes, Manager, Client Services

"As a Quality Control specialist at SMT, I have the privilege of testing graphics that will be viewed by literally millions of people. Being a part of testing a social media platform for the Oscars or the yellow 1st and Ten line for the Super Bowl, then seeing those graphics on live television is such an amazing feeling."

– Jasmine Stephens, QC Technician

Let SMT change your game.

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