NBC Sports Network

Football. Golf. Baseball. Hockey. NASCAR. Horse racing. Rugby. Volleyball.

SMT’s relationship with NBC has spanned the world of sports, beginning with the introduction of electronic scoring at the 1989 PGA Tour, a game-changer in an industry that previously relied on communication via walkie-talkies for leaderboard updates.  

Since that time, NBC has been the network on which SMT has unveiled some of its most advanced technology. SMART, a powerful, real-time virtual graphics insertion platform, first debuted in 2003 with NBC Sports’ Notre Dame football coverage. SMT has supported Sunday Night Football on NBC since 2006, winning an Emmy that year for Outstanding Technical Team Remote on SNF

SMT’s technology such as virtual graphics (for example, the yellow first-down line and down-and-distance indicator, Night Vision); real-time data feeds (inserted into the clock-and-score graphics); live, in-game displays feed (to the commentators and for on-air graphics) and its ticker system, are all staples in SMT’s storehouse of customized features for NBC. 

SMT’s ISO Track System, used for racing events, expanded to horse racing during the 2011 broadcast of the Kentucky Derby.  ISO Track allows broadcasters to identify, point to and track up to two horses both live and in replay without requiring a fixed camera.

In 2012, SMT played a vital role in the rebranding of network giants NBC, Golf Channel and Versus under the NBC Universal umbrella. The NBC rebrand, launched in early January, was prominently displayed during February’s Super Bowl XLVI with SMT’s on-screen and on-field graphics. These graphics, with other SMT essentials, all combined to make the Super Bowl the most-watched show in TV history.