Since 1996, SMT has partnered with CBS Sports to deliver viewers’ favorite live events, from the NFL games that lead to the world stage of the Super Bowl to the regular season of men’s college basketball that culminates in the national obsession of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. College football fans, too, can follow their favorite teams and reap the rewards of in-depth analysis made possible by SMT’s suite of products.

For NFL broadcasts, CBS uses SMT’s virtual insertion system (the yellow first-down line and down-and-distance indicator); real-time data feeds (inserted into the clock-and-score graphics); live, in-game display feeds (to the commentators and for on-air graphics) and its ticker system (a scrolling display of real-time data). SMT’s Autograph system, “the brains behind the clock,” absorbs the clock streams from stadiums to the scoreboard controllers who maintain the game clock and play clock.

These products, all staples in SMT’s arsenal of customizable features, are what TV audiences have come to rely on to give them the necessary context for a deeper understanding of any sport.

For 12 consecutive years, SMT’s technology has supported the production of Super Bowl broadcasts by CBS Sports, ABC Sports, NBC Sports, FOX Sports and the NFL World Feed. The broadcasts feature SMT’s Autograph system for real-time game clock and play clock information and QBStat system for real-time in-game stats.

SMT has served as the backbone for integrating live statistical information for the NCAA Men’s Tournament for the past 15 years, putting the games in context for producers so that fans can enjoy the fullest experience of March Madness. The integration of live basketball scores and statistics from each tournament site take place at SMT’s Data Operations Center (DOC) in Durham, N.C. The DOC is outfitted with three levels of redundancy to ensure that game clock and score information is constantly available on television.